Life Income Fund

When planning for retirement, it’s important to understand all the financial tools at your disposal. Among the key solutions you should consider is a Life Income Fund (LIF), which is a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) used to hold pension funds and provide a regular stream of income once you reach retirement.

Learn of the best life income funds Canada

At Life100, we offer a variety of life income funds based on your needs and horizon. Ask us how you can vary your annual payments above the minimum required amount to meet all your future needs, especially in Toronto, Brampton, Ajax, Markham or the Greater Toronto Area.. We’ve found life income funds and RRIFs both provide our clients with an excellent savings vehicle to keep savings tax-sheltered while generating a stream of stable income. Let an advisor at Life100 guide you through this process.

The value of an Advisor

An advisor will help you make the best choices for your situation and your investment and insurance needs.

Life Insurance

Protect your family with customized policies that are suited to all incomes and needs