Insured Annuity

Once you reach retirement, your investment strategy shifts from saving money and growing assets, to finding ways to draw an “income” from your savings. An insured annuity from Life100 makes the most of this transition in life, providing you with a unique solution that gives you a regular stream of guaranteed income during retirement.

What is an insured annuity?

An insured annuity is an especially effective solution for investors who won’t receive a regular income from a company or group pension plan, or would like to improve on their retirement income base. Speak with a Life100 advisor today to find out more about our range of insured annuity investment solutions, in Ontario. We can develop a product that can provide you with guaranteed peace of mind, regardless of stock market fluctuations or changes in bank interest rates in Toronto, Brampton, Ajax, Markham or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

The value of an Advisor

An advisor will help you make the best choices for your situation and your investment and insurance needs.

Life Insurance

Protect your family with customized policies that are suited to all incomes and needs