Income Benefits

With all those retirement planning acronyms out there like RRSP, RRIF, LIB and TFSA swirling around like autumn leaves, it’s not easy planning for retirement – unless you’re working with a Life100 advisor. Not to be glib, but another savings and retirement income tool to consider is guaranteed lifetime income benefits. This retirement savings solution can provide a predictable and sustainable, guaranteed stream of income upon retirement with growth potential to help keep pace with inflation.

Income benefits and other retirement saving strategies in Canada

At Life100, we can help you develop a comprehensive and customized retirement savings plan based on your unique needs, in Toronto, Brampton, Ajax, Markham or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area. Speak with a Life100 advisor today to discuss your life goals, and together we can develop a plan that considers all your options, taking into account how each product interacts with each other to maximize your retirement income benefits.

The value of an Advisor

An advisor will help you make the best choices for your situation and your investment and insurance needs.

Life Insurance

Protect your family with customized policies that are suited to all incomes and needs