Income Replacement (Disability Income Insurance)

Sometimes in life, a disability can arise that impacts your ability to work and support yourself and your dependants financially. Disability insurance replaces the policy owner’s income in the event that he or she becomes physically unable to work due to an accident or illness. Although disability income insurance is perhaps less well-known than life insurance, experts agree that disability coverage is essential—especially when statistics reveal that the probability of being disabled is much greater than the chance of premature death.

While many people are covered for the medical costs of injury or sickness through provincial or private health insurance, without disability insurance they are not prepared for the loss of wages that accompanies such an event. In general, if a person counts on his or her job to pay the costs of daily living for themselves or their family, that person needs disability coverage. While OHIP can help with your medical bills, only disability insurance from Life100 can help replace lost income to protect your income and your lifestyle.

Life100 disability income protection program

We offer a range of disability insurance plans to help support you while you get back to normal, or adjust to your new normal. Our disability insurance plans can even help you with return-to-work benefits including rehabilitation support, job retraining and more. Consult with a Life100 advisor today to develop the custom disability insurance program you and your family need in Toronto, Markham, Ajax, Brampton or any other city in the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario.

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