Accident and Sickness (A&S) Insurance

Many people in Ontario these days opt for additional health care insurance due to the additional expenses not covered by our provincial plan. Accident and Sickness (A&S) insurance is provided to all Canadians by their provincial health plans. However, individual accident and sickness policies are available from insurers to make up for the limitations of government provided insurance.

A&S insurance is completely separate and distinct from disability income policies, because it does not provide you with an income; A&S protects you against loss and provides partial or entire repayment of qualifying medical and dental expenses that have been incurred.

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Health insurance policies can vary widely. With Life100, your advisor will thoroughly comparison shop the market with our network of best insurance companies in Canada to find the you the best coverage and amount of protection for your individual needs, whether in Toronto, Brampton, Ajax, Markham or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario.

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