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It is easy to imagine your child, degree in hand, ready to start a professional career. But do you ever ask yourself how you will be able to give your child this chance with all the financial demands of today’s world?

Giving their children access to post-secondary education is something parents hope to be able to do. Unless you decide to take out a loan, it may be difficult to find the money needed to pay for a 4-year educational program for just one child. Statistics Canada revealed that university tuition fees have risen 135% in the past ten years!

Advantages of a Diploma RESP

  • Accumulate the necessary funds to finance a child’s post-secondary education.
  • Eligible for a federal government grant equal to 20% of your annual contributions to the RESP (up to $500 per year).
  • An education bonus of up to 15% of the contributions to the RESP will increase the income paid as Educational Assistance Payments (EAPs).
  • The chance to watch your money grow sheltered from tax.
  • Flexibility to change the plan’s beneficiary.
  • Withdrawals of contributions are tax-free.
  • The investment income is transferable to your RRSP if the child chooses not to pursue a post-secondary education.
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RRSP – Look ahead if you want a comfortable retirement, you have to start planning now!

The registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) is specially designed to provide you with retirement income. It is advantageous because your contributions entitle you to a tax deduction and generate investment income that is sheltered from income tax.

When you withdraw your funds at retirement, they become taxable. However, the taxation rate applicable is generally lower because your retirement income is usually lower, too.

The amount you may invest in your RRSP this year is determined on the basis of the income you earned last year. You may contribute up to 18% of that income, less the pension adjustment, up to a maximum of $22,000.

  • Contribute early
  • Make monthly contributions
  • Maximize your returns by diversifying your investment
  • Ask about our RRSP line of credit

How to Maximize Your RRSPs

  • Contributing to an RRSP is doubly advantageous—your contributions entitle you to tax deductions, and your investment income (interest, dividends and capital gains) grows in a tax shelter until you withdraw the amounts accumulated.
  • The sooner you begin to contribute, the more advantageous Your RRSP. Your investment income will build up over time to provide you with additional resources at retirement.
  • Contribute regularly. It is easier to make a small contribution every month than to contribute a larger amount at the end of the year. In addition, if you make your contributions at the beginning of the year, your money will start working for you sooner, and your RRSP will grow more quickly.
  • Contribute every year. Failing to contribute for a year may deprive you of considerable investment income generated by interest or a compound return.
  • Invest the maximum allowable amount to obtain advantageous tax savings.
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