Protecting your loved ones

Life comes with no guarantees.  As cliché as it sounds, that’s pretty much the reality. In unfortunate circumstances, You do want to guarantee your family and dependents with financial protection that they need. This is where life insurance comes in.

When you’re the primary earner in your family, it is crucial that you invest in life insurance. In the event of an unfortunate death, your life insurance policy that you purchase would provide your family with the financial support they need. The compensation that your dependents receive would also allow them to cope with the loss and rebuild their life.

In such unfortunate circumstances, we stand with your family shoulder to shoulder to protect and support them.  At life 100, we work with established insurance companies to find you a custom-made insurance product, you and your family needs. With our years of experience in the insurance industry, we guarantee an insurance product that’ll give you and your family a peace of mind.

Whole Life

Whole life insurance is basically permanent life insurance for your entire life. It provides you with a life-time coverage and the best part? This is the perfect insurance that will guarantee to protect your family, allow continuity of your business and let you leave a legacy. Talk to our life 100 insurance advisors about Whole Life Insurance.

Term Life

Term life insurance is a temporary insurance that provides to protect your temporary needs such as Mortgage protection, Children education or income protection business insurance to fund buy-sell agreements for fixed amount of insurance for a specific period. It protects you and your loved ones when you have much more important financial commitments.

Universal Life

Want the best of both worlds? Universal life insurance provides you with a combination of life insurance protections and investments. You get to choose a guaranteed death benefit for your beneficiaries. The payment you make above the cost of insurance can grow in a tax-preferred savings account. This is the perfect policy if you are looking to build your savings alongside RRSP and TFSA or leave more money for your children or grandchildren. This is also the tax-efficient method to protect the value of your business. Give us a call now to Life 100 Insurance advisors.

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