Protecting your lifestyle when you get sick or injured

Imagine a scenario where your ability to earn income is hampered by unfortunate circumstances. Would there be a way to safeguard your earning potential? Will this happen to me? you may ask. Well, we never know. Life is often unpredictable. It is often without guarantees. But at Life insurance, we give you guaranteed coverage and guaranteed premiums in those unfortunate circumstances.

Why should you pay for personal disability insurance plan?

This is why.

Worker’s Compensation only covers work-related accidents.

  • Unemployment insurance only covers 15 weeks.
  • Canada Pension Plan: Are you comfortable relying on the government for a benefit that can change?
  • Group and association coverage can fill a valuable role in long-term disability protection. However, the benefit may be limited by the definition of disability and coverage amount.

Remember. Each individual is different. And that is why we at life 100 believe in creating customized disability insurance plan for each and every one of our customers.

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