Join the winning team

Are you looking for a job to pay your bills? Or Are you looking for a career that challenges your limits, gives you exceeding opportunities to grow and elevate you to new levels? Are you a go-getter looking for unlimited earning potential? If you’re looking for the latter, join our Life100 team! At Life 100, We value innovation, a diverse group of people, and aim to make a positive difference in the communities we serve.

Step 1: Know what it means to be an insurance advisor

Insurance advisor is a noble profession. It isn’t about just selling insurance. As a licensed Insurance Adviser you will provide expert advice to your clients on their financial security. You will advise them on various insurance products offered by the leading Insurance companies in Canada. As an independent professional, you have endless earning potential.

You set your goals for the income you want and we help you reach those goals. You are an independent professional and your income is unlimited!

Step 2: Register Yourself at Life100 to Learn HLLQP

Speak to one of our friendly admin team members and learn about the process of getting your Life License (HLLQP). One of our admin team members will help you register for the HLLQP from an authorized provider. This is a process that’s completely online.

Step 3: Attend Free LLQP Seminars and Write Your Certification and Provincial Examinations

Worried about expensive courses? Don’t fret! Life 100 provides you with free LLQP educational session and prepares you for certification and provincial examinations. You learn at your own pace and convenience

When feel you are ready, you may do a certification examination at Life100.

Once you pass the certification exam, book a time for the provincial examination and ace it!

Step 4: Get your Errors and Omission Insurance

What? You aced your exams? Now you can apply for Errors and Omission Insurance and a “sponsor”. Not sure about this? We at Life 100 will help you find one.

Step 5: Start making your income

You are all set entrepreneur! Get your business cards ready. Prospect, go out and meet people, and start earning.


Set up a one on one session with one of our career experts.